• Please be sure to check under the "Accepted Items" link before preparing your merchandise to make sure that all of your items are on the list.
  • All of your clothing items must be on hangers and non-clothing items must be neatly and securely packaged.
  • You must price and tag your items using our inventory system, which you will be able to access once you register to consign. 
  • All tags MUST be printed on white or light-color cardstock. Tags printed on regular printer paper will not be accepted. 
  • We only accept quality items. This means that all items must be free of rips, tears, fading, stains and excessive wear. All items will be checked for quality during your drop off appointment. Items that do not meet our expectations will be rejected. Please do not be offended if one of your items is rejected; this is how we keep our commitment of selling only quality items!
  • All toys must be clean and functioning with working batteries.
  • Items must contain all parts necessary for functioning. 
  • It is your responsibility as a consignor to make sure that none of your items have been recalled! Click here to check.
  • The tagging system will give you the option to mark your items as discountable. THIS IS OPTIONAL! If you choose to discount your items, they will be sold at 50% off from 2 to 4 p.m. on the day of the sale.
  • The tagging system will give you the option to donate your unsold items. THIS IS OPTIONAL! If you choose not to donate your unsold items, you may pick them up at the designated pick up times. Any unsold, non-donated items not picked up during the designated time will become property of Free Spirit East, LLC. 
  • Consignors will receive their earnings checks approx. 2-3 weeks after the sale. 

If you are new to our sale, please be sure to view our "how-to" video:

Reactivating unsold items from previous sales

Consigned with Free Spirit EAST in the past? Looking to reactivate unsold items for an upcoming sale? It's simple! Just follow these steps: