Free Spirit East unites local families twice a year to provides a fun, affordable way to shop for the little ones in your life. From clothing to baby gear to toys and more! All under one roof! Consign with us, shop with us or both!


Consignor Guidelines

  • Please be sure to check under the "Accepted Items" link before preparing your merchandise to make sure that all of your items are on the list.

  • We only accept SEASONAL items! Please keep this in mind when preparing your items. 
    • August- LATE Summer/Fall/Winter 
    • March- Spring/Summer

  • We only accept quality items. This means that all items must be free of rips, tears, fading, stains and excessive wear. All items will be checked for quality during your drop off appointment. Items that do not meet our expectations will be returned to you on the spot. Please do not be offended if one of your items is returned; this is how we keep our commitment of selling only quality items!

  • All clothing items must be hung on hangers.

  • All toys must be clean and functioning with working batteries.

  • Items must contain all parts needed for functioning. 

  • When selling infant clothing, please try to pair tops and bottoms (of the same size) to form an outfit. Outfits sell better than single pieces.

  • It is your responsibility as a consignor to make sure that none of your items have been recalled! Click here to check.

  • Shoes must be tied together in pairs. Due to space constraints, we can only accept the best of the best, especially when it comes to shoes! Please make sure that your shoes are clean and free of marks and excessive wear.

  • We do NOT currently have an item limit. That being said, please be sure to bring us your best! Due to space contraints, we only have room for the best quality items, in great condition! Items will not be accepted if they are stained, torn, dirty, stretched out or shrunken or show excessive fading and wear.

  • Our online tagging system will give you the option of marking your unsold items 1/2 price for the last day of the sale. Please note, THIS IS OPTIONAL!

  • The tagging system will also give you the option to donate your unsold items. THIS TOO IS OPTIONAL! If you choose not to donate your unsold items, you may pick them up at the designated pick up times. Any unsold, non-donated items not picked up during the designated time will become property of Free Spirit East, LLC. 
  • Consignors who tag their own items will earn 70% of their sales (minus a $10 registration fee). 
  • Consignors who participate in the VIP tagging program will earn 50% of their sales (minus a $15 registration fee).
  • Looking to earn more? Check out our awesome volunteer perks and earn up to 85% of your sales!