Free Spirit East unites local families twice a year to provide a fun, affordable way to shop for the little ones in your life. Clothing, baby gear, toys and more! All under one roof! Consign with us, shop with us or both!



Items Preparation/Tagging

Items Preparation  

  • Wash all clothing

  • Check to make sure that all items are free of stains, tears, odors, fading etc.

  • Make sure all zippers/buttons are present and functioning

  • All battery-operated items must be functioning with working batteries

  • Wipe your equipment clean and wash covers/fabric parts

  • Use Ziploc bags to contain small items that belong in a set

  • Check to make sure that none of your items have been recalled

  • Clothing must be on hangers with the hook facing to the left (like a ?)

  • Pants should be safety pinned to top of hangers. *WE ALSO ACCEPT PANTS ON PANT HANGERS.* If using pant hangers, please make sure that pants are well-secured.

  • In the case of 2-pc outfits; pants should be pinned to the shoulder seam of the back of the shirt (see example photos below)

Tagging Your Items

  • Only tags generated through the consignor inventory system (via your consignor homepage) will be accepted.
    • If you consign at multiple sales, do NOT reuse the tags. Barcodes and consignor numbers are specific to each consignment sale. Only use tags printed through your Free Spirit East consignor homepage.

  • Tags must be printed on white or pastel-colored card stock with black ink
    • Use the normal or draft print setting on your computer

  • Tags can be attached to clothing using either safety pins or tagging guns.
    • When using a tagging gun, please be mindful of where you place the tag. The original garment tag is preferable. If a garment tag is not present, please tag in the right armpit seam. Tagging guns may leave small holes in garments, if not used correctly.
    • If using safety pins, all tags should be pinned to the top/right of the item.

  • If a tagging gun and/or safety pins will not work to adhere a tag to an item (i.e. toys and books), please use tape.

Examples of Correct Prep/Tagging

Pants on pants hanger

Pants pinned on hanger


Proper placement of PINNED tag. (Top Right)

IF USING A TAGGING GUN, please tag in a discreet place.
(Ex. Right arm pit seam)


Sets may be hung together on one hanger using pins or a set hanger.
(Note: This is a rear view of the sets)



Example of tag taped on book.

Shoes must be tied together in pairs.
(zip ties and ribbon are acceptable) 



 Items with multiple pieces should be placed together in a bag. Tag should be taped to bag.


 Our "How-To" Video