Free Spirit East unites local families twice a year and provides a fun, affordable way to shop for the little ones in your life. From clothing to baby gear to toys and more! Thousands of clean, quality items all under one roof! Consign with us, shop with us or both!

New This Sale

Free Spirit East is implementing some changes to help improve our sale. Please read on for important updates.

  • Beginning this sale, we will no longer be accepting maternity clothing. Historically there has been a lack of shopper interest in maternity clothing. We feel that the floor and rack space could be better used to accommodate more of the items that our shoppers have a higher interest in. 
  • Our volunteer perks are changing slightly, giving our volunteers a chance to earn even more! While we are no longer waiving our low $10 registration fee in lieu of volunteering; our new perks system gives you a chance to earn up to 85% percent of your sales. Please see our volunteer page for more information. 
  • Sell your Christmas attire and once-loved toys at our upcoming sale! We have decided that we will no longer be hosting a Holiday Workshop. Your holiday items will be gladly accepted at our August sale!
  • Beginning this sale, we will no longer be offering pick-up service for our VIP tagging program. We will still offer the program but VIP consignors must instead drop their items off to us. We are sorry for any disappointment that this may cause but feel that it is in the best interest of both our family and our business to no longer conduct pick-ups. For those who cannot drop off their items, we may consider picking up on a case-by-case basis. An additional pick-up fee will apply.