Free Spirit East unites local families twice a year to provide a fun, affordable way to shop for the little ones in your life. Clothing, baby gear, toys and more! All under one roof! Consign with us, shop with us or both!

We want your shopping experience with Free Spirit East to be a wonderful one. A lot of hard work and planning goes into ensuring that our shoppers are happy with their visits and purchases.

We have compiled a list of shopping tips to help you make sure that you get the most out of your shopping trip.

  • Shop early and often!
    • Shopping early ensures the best possible selection. Be sure to shop as early as possible. Presale shopping passes are automatically awarded to our consignors. If you'd like to shop before the sale opens to the public, consider consigning with us! We also offer a limited number of presale shopping passes to new and expecting parent/grandparents as well as our community heroes.
    • Plan to come back on Saturday for "Discount Day". Most remaining items will be 50% off. This is a great opportunity to find even deeper discounts!

  • Be prepared
    •  Be sure to allow yourself adequate time browse the sales floor. Part of the excitement of shopping consignment sales is you never know what you will find!
      • Due to a potentially lengthy shopping trip, you MAY want to leave the children at home. While we do welcome children at our sales, many shoppers find it less stressful to shop without children in tow.
    • Dress comfortably. Layers and sneakers are suggested.
    • Bring a tote bag or basket. It is much easier to shop when your hands aren't full.
      •  As a courtesy, we do have shopping totes that our shoppers are welcome to borrow. Occasionally, however, all bags are in use so it is never a bad idea to bring your own!
    • Be patient. Although we try to keep the checkout lines moving as quickly as possible, sometimes wait time can be lengthy. Please be patient with us as we try our very best to keep lines moving.
    • Expect crowds. Due to the high volume of items, only two shopping days per sale and amazing discounts, shopper turnout tends to be very high. This is especially true during presale events and when the sale first opens to the public on Friday mornings. If crowds make you uncomfortable, we recommend shopping Friday afternoon or evening when the crowds tend to die down.
    • Measure up. Because our sales happen early in the season, you may want to shop up a size when choosing clothing and shoes.
    • Make a list and know your priorities.The following items sell out very quickly. Therefore, if you are hoping to purchase something that falls into these categories, look for it as soon as you arrive. We will be happy to "hold" it for you while you finish shopping.
      • Strollers
      • Car seats
      • Pack n Plays
      • Swings
      • Large toys
      • Outdoor toys
      • Walkers
      • Bouncers/Exersaucers
    • Large items will have perforated tags on them. If you wish to purchase a large item, please leave it on the floor and detach the bottom part of the tag. Doing so will "claim" your item. Please bring your detached tag to the register to pay for it. After that, we will assist you in removing your item from the sales floor.

  • Bring a friend.  An extra set of eyes is always helpful when looking for great deals!

  • Have Fun! Consignment sales can be a lot of fun! I mean, who doesn't love to spend 70-90% less than retail?!