Free Spirit East unites local families twice a year to provide a fun, affordable way to shop for the little ones in your life. Clothing, baby gear, toys and more! All under one roof! Consign with us, shop with us or both!


Did you know that Free Spirit East is operated solely by our amazing volunteers? From set up to sale to tear down, our dedicated team of volunteers works hard to make sure that our event goes off without a hitch.  In exchange for their time and effort, our volunteers receive various perks. Curious about volunteering? Read on to learn more.

Consignor Volunteer Perks

  • One 4-hour shift: Access to our volunteer presale and an extra 5% of your consignor earnings.
  • Each additional 4-hour shift completed will earn you an additional 5% of your sales (up to 85% for DIY consignors and 65% for VIP consignors).

Unfortunately, Free Spirit East will no longer be accepting volunteers who are NOT active consignors. The exception to this new rule is non-consignor volunteers who have successfully fulfilled their volunteer shifts in the past. If you are not consigning but have volunteered with us before and wish to do so again, please feel free to contact us and let us know!

Volunteer Tasks

Below is a list of some of the tasks that our volunteers are asked to perform. When you click on the volunteer schedule link, please choose the day, time and task that you think would best suit you. 

Set Up:  Place items in their appropriate places on the sales floor. Organize and/or rearrange racks and tables, if necessary.

Quality Checkers:  Assist consignors with necessary paperwork when they arrive for their drop-off appointments. Check through consignors' items to be sure that they meet our quality standards and fall into our accepted items categories. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your shift for a brief orientation.

Runners: Take checked-in items from the Quality Checkers and place them in the appropriate places on the sales floor.

Floor:  These are customer service oriented shifts. They include helping shoppers locate items on the sales floor, keeping sales floor organized and assisting cashiers with bagging.

Sorting/Tear Down:  Sorting unsold items by consignor number. Helping to tear down racks and tables to clear the gymnasium.

*We will try our very best to keep you within your chosen job description. Occassionally, however, we will need to rearrange job duties based on our volunteer needs.

Volunteer FAQs

What should I wear to my volunteer shift?  Dress comfortably. There is no required uniform. Volunteers will be issued a volunteer badge to wear during their shift.

Can I bring my children to my volunteer shift?  For safety reasons, we ask that volunteers are not accompanied by young children.

I want to volunteer but none of the set shifts work for me. Can I still volunteer?  Absolutely! We value our volunteers and will do everything possible to work with your schedule. Please email us if you would like to volunteer but need a special shift.